(denim) skirt chaser

We love denim to death! It's our most precious material that gets us through days and nights. This year denim has gone beyond the classic trousers and shorts. It is officially the return of the denim skirt. You can find it in almost every shape and style, with references to the 70's , 80's and 90's. Mini, midi, maxi, pencil, a-line, buttoned , distressed, you name it. Endless styles and possibilities are out there for you to explore. As with all denim, dress it up or down to make the most of this buy. You 'll never want to take it off anyway!

Carven button front skirt ,

(currently on sale 55% off),

Deconstructed Choker Neck Top,

Tod's Double T mules,

(currently on sale 20% off),

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