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Brace yourself, it's that time of the year: the big summer sale! It's your chance to get a hold of all those beautiful pieces you have been drooling over the past season but were too broke to shop! Sale economics usually call for investment pieces. Classics like a coat, a blazer, or a pair of pumps are usually worth the splurge, because good quality, classic buys last for a lifetime. Having said this, you should always remember that season's statement designer pieces with bold colours and innovative designs usually hit better sales. So, in case you have already stocked up on classics , go for those statement pieces that will upgrade your wardrobe and can also last a long long time. Happy shopping!

Delpozo white organza belted shirt

(currently on sale, 50% off),

Delpozo yellow cotton wide leg shorts

(currently on sale, 40% off),

Aquazzura 'Tropicana' sandals,

(currently on sale, 30% off),

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