smells like teen spirit...

It was 1992 . If you are on your late thirties, or early forties you should be able to remember what this time was about...Grunge hit the world like a shock wave, and you could not help but be a part of that scene. Marc Jacobs, a young designer working for Perry Ellis at the time, presented a collection that took it all in: Nirvana tees , Martens boots, all stars sneakers, combined with plaid shirts, romantic vintage-y prints and relaxed dresses. The collection was heavily criticized and eventually got young Jacobs fired... However, this was the opportunity for Marc Jacobs to become the innovative designer that he is today. As for the collection, it is now considered to be one of the most iconic collections ever, and lucky for us, it is back! 26 of the original outfits are reproduced, and sold here and on MJ's Madison Store in New York. What a blast from the past!

sketch from Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis Grunge Collection, also featured on Marc Jacobs Instagram page.

sketch from Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis Grunge Collection

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